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The wonders of Zeltiq Coolsculpting

The wonders of Zeltiq Coolsculpting

Have you ever tried to shed your big, bulging tummy or been too embarrassed to display your body at the beach? For many people, excess fat is a source of much woe.


ZELTIQ CoolSculpting, otherwise known as cryolipolysis, is a noninvasive body sculpting procedure that uses specialised machines to freeze fat cells in a controlled manner, causing them to die slowly and be absorbed by macrophages without damaging the surrounding bodily tissues. This procedure focuses more on body contouring than on general weight loss.


Other surgical procedures for fat removal, such as liposuction and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), often bring about side effects like bruising and swelling. In comparison, CoolSculpting results in much fewer side effects. Most of these side effects also tend to be mild and temporary.


ZELTIQ CoolSculpting has the following benefits:


  • The treatment is safe and does not involve surgical procedures such as the use of needles, incisions or local anaesthesia that may increase risk of nerve damage.
  • The treatment is fast and typically lasts 1-2 hours, resulting in minimal disruption to patients’ schedules.
  • No visible signs like scars, dimples or misshapen bulges will be left at the treatment area.
  • The treatment focuses on areas of the bodies containing fat that is difficult to burn through means like dieting or physical exercise.
  • The results take effect in 3 weeks to 6 months. The fat cells are permanently removed and the body evenly distributes the fats when it next gains weight.
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