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The LIFT you need.

The LIFT you need.


无论是自然衰老还是因为减肥,你都注意到你的皮肤可能会有点松弛。那如果不想做手术要怎么解决呢?如果松弛的皮肤区域不大,使用Thermage®这紧肤护理就可以帮助您解决问题。常见的治疗区域包括脸、眼睛、手背、颈部和胸部。 #Cindy医生 #美学 #美丽的皮肤 #美丽

Whether it’s a natural part of ageing or the result of some weight loss, you’ve noticed your skin is sagging or just a little “loose.” What can you do about it without surgery? If these areas are small and subtle, a skin-tightening treatment like Thermage® might give you the lift you need. The most common treatment areas include your face, eyes, backs of hands, neck. and chest. #drcindy #aesthetics #naturalbeauty #beautifulskin #beauty

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