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Reshape in style with Zeltiq CoolSculpting

Reshape in style with Zeltiq CoolSculpting

Ever since the invention of Zeltiq CoolSculpting, many people have been brought closer towards their body goals. It is a cool and popular choice of fat-reduction treatment for those who do not wish to undergo surgery. People who have stubborn bulges of fat that is difficult to remove even with regular exercise make the best treatment candidates. It is, therefore, a targeted treatment that sculpts and contours the body in the areas that are treated, and it serves as an excellent complement to a weight loss program for those who desire a more shapely physique.


Before commencing treatment with Zeltiq CoolSculpting, the patient’s body goals are explored with an understanding of his or her exercise and dietary habits, alongside a full body assessment with particular attention paid to the specific areas in which he or she wishes to eliminate excess fats. The commonly treated areas are the entire abdomen, flanks (muffin top), knees, arms, inner and outer thighs, the rear of thighs which is directly under buttocks, scapulae, back, bra rolls, male chest and chin.


Zeltiq CoolSculpting safely and effectively shapes the body through the delivery of precise and controlled cooling to the treated areas, selectively targeting the fat cells beneath the skin. Fat cells crystallize when they freeze and this induces cell death through ‘apoptosis’. The body then processes and eliminates them naturally in the following months, thus bringing about an absolute reduction in the number of fat cells in the treated areas.


Depending on the patient’s body and goals, most people will only require one to two treatment sessions for significant fat reduction in the treated areas, and any additional treatments may go on to improve results. Up to 25% fat reduction is achievable within the treated areas and this is typically noticeable as early as 3 weeks, although results are most dramatic after 2 months.