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  • Procedure type

    Skin-tightening treatment with Ultrasound technology

  • Site

    Face, neck, chest

  • Results

    Smoother, tighter skin

  • Procedure time

    30 – 90 minutes

  • Downtime


Ultherapy treats skin that has become wrinkly and saggy as a result of ageing and sun damage. It is suitable for the following areas:

Upper face, including eye brows
Lower face
Under chin

Ultherapy is FDA approved and clinically proven.

It is a non-invasive treatment that delivers focused ultrasound energy deep within the skin in a dedicated and safe manner with ultrasound imaging. This brings about skin tightening in two important phases: first, immediate collagen remodeling and contracture, and second, the stimulation of new collagen production.

The treatment area is cleansed, Numbing cream is applied.

Ultrasound gel is applied and the transducer is placed against the skin. The doctor uses Ultherapy’s ultrasound imaging to visualize the skin layers so as to determine optimal placement of the treatment energy.

As ultrasound energy is delivered, a mild poking/warm discomfort may be experienced which is reportedly acceptable to most patients.

Treatment time is typically 30-90 minutes, depending on the site of treatment.

Mild swelling, redness and soreness can be expected right after treatment. But there should be no problems resuming normal activities.

Some people experience immediate tightening of the skin while most people will experience improvement of their skin from 2-3 months.

As regeneration of collagen occurs in the treated sites, the skin is tightened and fine lines are smoothed out, resulting in firm, rejuvenated and more youthful skin.

Depending on the severity of the signs of ageing, individual results may vary.

For best outcomes, treatments are repeated annually.

While tackling the signs of ageing, Ultherapy is popularly complemented by Thermage and other modalities of anti-ageing such as thread lift, fillers and dermalift to achieve 3D facial rejuvenation.

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