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Thread lift

  • Procedure type

    Insertion of threads

  • Site

    Face, neck

  • Results

    Lifted, more shapely face

  • Procedure time

    30 – 60 minutes

  • Downtime

    Swelling, redness, possible bruising, skin folds

Silhouette Soft serves as an effective alternative to a surgical facelift in treating the signs of ageing – loose and saggy skin.

It can be used to treat mild-moderate jowls, turkey neck, saggy mid cheek, nasolabial folds and saggy eyebrows.

Silhouette Soft works uniquely by virtue of its suture and cones system. It is a polymer made principally of poly-L-lactic acid that has been safely used for years in many medical applications. Upon insertion of the threads under the skin, its suture and cones system allows for gentle yet effective lifting of tissues with resultant immediate contouring of the treatment site. As the threads resorbs over the next few months, new collagen production is stimulated in the deep layers of the skin, thus increasing the volume of saggy areas and restoring the shapeliness to the face.

Numbing cream is applied and cleaned off before the treatment. Local anaesthesia is injected in all entry/exit points. The threads are inserted using a fine needle under aseptic technique without any incisions. The threads are held in place by the resorbable bidirectional cones. The doctor then applies firm pressure to compress and reshape the tissues so as to obtain the desired lifting effect. Protruding ends of the threads are cut off.

The whole procedure is mostly comfortable with discomfort varying from individuals to individuals.

Treatment time is typically 30-60 minutes depending on the number of threads inserted.

Tightness, mild swelling, soreness, redness and bruising may be expected at the end of the treatment. Undulating skin folds that may occur takes about a week to smoothen out.

The repositioning of soft tissues results in an instant lifting effect of the skin. In addition, collagen is stimulated in the deep layers of the skin as the threads resorb in the ensuing months, replacing the depleted volume in saggy areas. This brings about a smoothening effect of the skin and an improvement to the contours of the face.

Depending on the severity of the signs of ageing, individual results may vary.

For best outcomes, treatment may be repeated annually.

While tackling the signs of ageing, thread lift is popularly complemented by other modalities of anti-ageing such as Thermage, Ultherapy, fillers and dermalift for a 3D facial rejuvenation.

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