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Pigment program

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  • Results

    Brighter, more even complexion with lightening of pigmentation

  • Procedure time

    ~ 40 minutes

  • Downtime


Dr Cindy’s pigment program seeks to address pigment problems such as melasma and sun-related pigmentary issues.

Dr Cindy’s pigment program consists of two laser treatments, namely the ‘Laser Rejuvenation’ and the ‘Brightening laser’. The former delivers energy deep within the skin in a highly controlled manner, specifically targeting pigments without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The latter is equipped with a unique combination of two wavelengths in the yellow and green regions, thus effectively targeting melasma.

Together, the combination of the two laser treatments gives us an edge over melasma by targeting the pigments at different depths as well as addressing the vascular nature of melasma (by greatly diminishing the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors which essentially supports the production of pigments).

The skin is cleansed and ready to be treated.

The Lutronic’s Spectra laser feels like a rubber band gently snapping on the skin with a mild warm sensation.

Next, a cool gel is applied for the Norseld Dual Yellow laser. Treatment is comfortable and painless as the doctor runs the treatment tip in gentle circular motions around the face.

Treatment time is typically around 40 minutes.

There is no downtime after treatment.

Results are progressive. An immediate brightening effect is discernible right after treatment for some. Significant lightening of melasma and pigments is mostly appreciated after 4-6 sessions. Other observable benefits are a clearer skin, a more even complexion and pore refinement.

Individual results may vary.

For best outcomes, treatments are repeated monthly.

Alongside laser treatments, application of a good sunscreen and an effective whitening cream is highly advocated.

Other considerations for skin lightening and clarity include Crystal Tomato.

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