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  • Results

    Clearer, smoother skin

  • Procedure time

    Less than 30 minutes

  • Downtime

    Mild redness

It effectively treats a wide range of issues such as pigmentation, uneven skin texture from acne and sun-damage, coarse pores and skin dullness.

It is a unique laser treatment that employs a thulium fiber laser and the fractional technology. It delivers powerful skin rejuvenation through the creation of precise and controlled microscopic thermal injury in the skin. This brings about collagen remodeling and the stimulation of new skin components, thus giving a regenerated and rejuvenated skin.

Moreover, the microchannels created during treatment facilitate cosmeceuticals to penetrate with ease, deep into the skin. This is the cutting edge Cosmeceutical Delivery System of Lasemd, allowing for optimal delivery of cosmeceuticals into the skin, maximizing their effects in the achievement of a rejuvenated, radiant and youthful skin.

The face is cleansed. Numbing cream is applied. Treatment is comfortable and painless as the doctor makes repeated passes over the treatment area.

Treatment time is typically 20-30 minutes.

Mild redness may occur after treatment and this usually subsides by the next day.

You can expect clarity of skin in 3-5 sessions, with reduced acne production. Pore refinement and smoother skin are also appreciated.

Individual results may vary.

For best outcomes, treatments are repeated monthly.

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