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CoolMini by Zeltiq

  • Procedure type

    Fat-reduction treatment using controlled cooling

  • Site

    Under chin

  • Results

    Double chin away

  • Procedure time

    45 minutes

  • Downtime

    Mild swelling, redness, possible bruising

CoolSculpting effectively treats stubborn fat bulges that are difficult to get rid of despite optimizing diet and exercise. It is FDA approved for and especially helpful in the following areas:

Under chin area
Abdominal side bulges (love handles)
Upper and lower belly fat
Under bra fat
Underneath buttock fat (banana roll)
Thigh fat

It is a non-invasive treatment that permanently reduce fat cells through controlled cooling. This process is called cryolipolysis. When fat cells are cooled to a certain temperature, cell death is induced and the body removes them via normal excretion. The end result is an effective and discernible reduction in the treated fat bulges.

The desired area of treatment is first assessed by the doctor. Appropriate measurements are taken. A gel pad is applied to the treatment area to protect the skin. Next, the CoolSculpting applicator is applied over the treatment area. As the treatment begins, a vacuum sensation is felt and cooling begins.

Treatment duration is typically from half an hour to an hour depending on the type of applicator and number of treatments.

Mild redness and numbness are common post-treatment. Pain medication may be given to you to ease the discomfort.

Discernible results may be appreciated as early as 3 weeks after the treatment. Most patients see results at 2 months. And continued fat excretion occurs even up to 6 months.

Following successful CoolMini under-chin treatment, insertion of threads under the chin is recommended to achieve a tighter under-chin and a better defined jawline.

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