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Dr Gabriel Tan

Doctors - Dr Gabriel Tan

Dr Gabriel Tan is a physician with special interest in Aesthetic Medicine. He obtained his medical degree from National University of Singapore. He has attended numerous workshops organized by the Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group, and is competent in a wide range of aesthetic procedures such as lasers, non-surgical skin tightening, botulinum toxin and filler injections.


Having former hospital experience with oncological patients who display premature ageing and facial volume loss by virtue of their illnesses, Dr Gabriel has witnessed how ageing significantly impacts one’s psychological well-being, eroding one’s self-esteem and taking away one’s quality of life.


As much as an attractive appearance is a very valuable commodity in one’s youth, Dr Gabriel believes in the essence of ageing gracefully. He takes pride in lending a hand to patients in their journey in combating wrinkling, sinking and sagging skin, and he endeavors to add quality to their lives by helping them subtract years off their actual ages.


Dr Gabriel enjoys enriching himself with new advances in aesthetic medicine by reading widely and attending conferences, so as to ensure what he practises is current, safe and evidence-based. Ultimately, it is the added confidence and zeal that his patients would have from looking their best, that gives Dr Gabriel the greatest sense of achievement and satisfaction at work.

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