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How does laser remove unwanted tattoos?

How does laser remove unwanted tattoos?

Impulsive decisions often lead to dire consequences, and the decision to ink is just one of the many. There are many reasons why tattoos become unwanted. However, previous methods to remove them are either ineffective or too damaging to the skin, leaving terrible scars behind.


With the continued improvement in medical laser technology, those with unwanted tattoos now have a choice of several lasers to remove tattoos safely and effectively, and most importantly, without leaving a trace behind.


The Q-switched Nd:YAG laser has been one of the most popular lasers that is used by doctors all around the world to remove tattoos. Its treatment is safe, reliable and clinically proven. Moreover, pretreatment numbing and cooling measures during treatment have rendered the laser tattoo removal experience a relatively comfortable one.


During laser tattoo removal, the ultra-short pulses of wavelengths of light within the laser light are selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles. The ink particles then break down into smaller bits which are processed by the body and eliminated over time. Over repeated treatment sessions, more ink particles are broken down and eventually, the skin is cleared of the ink.


It seems that the days when tattoos are permanent are all behind us, now that we have lasers that effectively remove them. However, laser tattoo removal requires patience and is not entirely without any risks. So it may be wise to think twice or thrice before getting inked.  

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