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How do fillers improve your facial looks?

How do fillers improve your facial looks?

Filler injection is a common medical procedure that many people around the world increasingly go for with a mind to restore a youthful look. It offers a good alternative to a surgical facial rejuvenation, yet producing reliable and good results. It is usually used to smoothen wrinkles and depressed acne scars, restore volume in flattened cheeks and thinning lips, sunken temples and forehead, and enhance facial features such as the nose, chin and jawline.


One of the most popular types of filler used today is Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. It is well adapted to the human body and integrates well with our tissues to produce natural-looking results with volume restoration during deep filler injections. When used for superficial skin injections, its water-loving characteristic gives the skin a well hydrated, youthful and vibrant appearance.


A good and proper consultation with the doctor is imperative to have a positive filler injection experience. This usually involves an open and honest discussion on the patient’s desires on how they want to look, exploration of his or her understanding of filler injection, a thorough examination of the treated area and finally, devising an appropriate treatment plan for him or her – suitability of filler injection, type of filler and its respective safety profile, cost, goals of treatment so as to ensure his or her expectations are well-aligned.


Be mindful that in Singapore, filler injections can only be undertaken by trained doctors. Improper injection technique and poor safety awareness can lead to serious complications. Otherwise, filler injection is one of the most popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures done today and patient outcomes are mostly great.

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